emergency social services

Emergency Social Services (ESS) is provided for residents in the event of a disaster  in Fairview and area. It can include food, lodging, clothing and other needs as required. The local authority- the  Town of Fairview and MD of Fairview No. 136 is responsible for providing this service through it’s joint ESS team. Team members come from both municipalities staff,  Fairview FCSS and other community stakeholders. The ESS team has had two deployments in recent years. For example, the team provided emergency food, lodging, clothing, information, and recreation needs during the Chuckegg Wildfire Disaster of 2019.

The 2019 ESS deployment involved hosting evacuees from La Crete and Mackenzie County in Fairview. They were provided Food and lodging at the Dunvegan Inn and Suites, as well as the Cummings Lake Campground.

Information updates were provided daily to evacuees as well as recreational activities and free swim passes for the Fairview Regional Aquatic Centre. In total 80 families and 10 pets were hosted in Fairview for nearly a month in the summer of 2019.

Spring 2020 Deployment

In May 2020 Fairview FCSS secured a grant for $50,000 from the Community and Social Services grant initiative to address food insecurity in Fairview and area during the 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown.
ESS volunteers registered individuals, shopped for groceries and care items such as toiletries, diapers and pet food. ESS Volunteers packaged the hampers, and had them delivered.

Registered individuals were also able to get one hot meal/day delivered by one of the participating restaurants: Pizza Haven, Grandmas Pizza, Heilan Beer House, or the Dunvegan Inn & Suites.

92 people in the Town and MD of Fairview were assisted daily for nearly two months during the worst period of the pandemic.
-14 families with children
-30 Seniors
-11 adults
-142 Care hampers delivered
-644 hot meals  delivered