grant program


Did you know that since it began operating in 1989 that Fairview FCSS, despite having a modest budget of its own, has given out more than a million dollars to local community groups through its grant program? 2023 recipients will include: Crossroads, the Seniors Community Kitchen and Ignite Youth. If you are a local community group you may be eligible to apply for the next grant session in summer 2023 for 2024 funding.

Before you begin:

Is your program eligible? 

Have you done a needs assessment?

Do you have a solid plan for financial, legal, and other resources you may need?

Are you prepared to use outcome measures to report on your program?

Review the documents below for more information:

Program Advice Inventory Listing

 Measures Bank Companion Document

Measures Bank Individual Family and Community with Provincial Priority Measures

Measures Bank Children Youth with Provincial Priority Measures